$1 billion and counting.

Since inception, Routefire has sent over $1 billion of open order volume across its pipes. All Routefire algorithms have been extensively tested — at scale — by some of the biggest players in crypto.

What is Routefire?

Routefire provides industrial-grade execution technology that allows institutional players to enter the crypto market. By aggregating venues into a virtual consolidated liquidity pool, and providing traders with powerful algorithmic execution technologies to work potentially enormous orders, crypto is now ready for institutional-grade trading.

Who uses Routefire?

Hedge funds, asset managers, and family offices use Routefire to rebalance their book and source liquidity.
Crypto companies of all types use Routefire to move crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat, as needed by the services they offer.
OTC desks use Routefire to manage client order flow.
Whales use Routefire to trade their crypto portfolios, including altcoins.
New STOs and ICOs use Routefire to turn the crypto they raised into fiat currency.

Be your own OTC desk

Routefire provides sophisticated algorithms to optimally execute large crypto trades, doing at the speed of computers what OTC desks often do manually. All algorithms have fully tunable parameters, so your trades are executed according to your specific needs, and the cost is a fraction of an average OTC desk's fee.

We route to over 100 markets — and counting

Connectivity is at the heart of the Routefire mission. By connecting liquidity sources into a single consolidated whole, we enable all the complex execution algorithms the system provides — as well as any algorithms you might dream up using our well-documented, trader-friendly API.

Some of the execution algorithms at your disposal

Routefire acts like a crypto-broker, constantly working on your behalf to exeute your trades based on your preferences and views. The execution algorithms that drive this process can incorporate information faster than human traders, while still effectuating the specific views individual traders may have.


Routefire provides a full suite of algorithmic execution technology for crypto assets.

Trade in large volume Large volume

Built to handle large volume transactions — whether rebalancing a portfolio or unloading mining proceeds.

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Algorithmic execution Algorithmic execution

Best-in-class algorithms at your service. Beat the benchmark or get aggressive — the choice is yours.

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API & FIX connectivity API & FIX connectivity

For quantitative traders looking to execute programatically, hedge funds looking to integrate with existing E/OMS platforms, and anything in between.

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Price improvement Price improvement

Price improvement is at the heart of the Routefire mission. Our algorithms deliver 1% to 6% price improvement, on average.

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